March 2, 2015

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Hello Beautiful!

I have a new blog over on Tumblr. I just love everything over there and will continue to share much more. 

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December 23, 2014

Naughty or Nice

Merry Christmas you filthy animals!

Obey ripped sweater
Forever21 high-waist shorts
Target Sam&Libby over-the-knee boots

December 21, 2014

Music and Paint.

When I need to run away, you'd find me here.

Drowning in the words of Hozier and thoughts of my own. 

Blank stares that only my paintbrush can explain.

Ask the canvas, it'll have each story my heart contains. 

No one to hold me down or pull me away.

I get lost, then I find every tool I need to bring me back in my safe haven. 

I feel sexy. I feel brave. I feel content. 

November 24, 2014

Fashion Mondays: Winter Crowns for SALE

Hello Beautiful,

 Limited Handmade Winter Crowns (headbands) are on sale on my POSHMARK closet. 

Steps on how to BUY below.

Price $20 (includes shipping)

 Select style A (below) or...

 Style B (below) and what color you like then..

I'll post an individual post just for YOU on POSHMARK to BUY! Very easy and simple. Go to and sign up if you haven't already. Also,  join with code BBOXX for a $5 credit!
Find me @JMwalkincloset

Leave me any questions here or on the POSHMARK post.

xoxo JM

November 23, 2014

Sunday's Best: If I Stay..

Hello Beautiful,

Yesterday I watched the film If I Stay with Chloe Grace Moretz and Jamie Blackley (heart emoji insert here!!). I didn't even know that it was based on the book till after watching it. So my next thing is to get the book. For me, I love to watch a film first thats based on a book so that I can visualize the character's faces in the film. I'm very visual so it helps to be more connected to the story.

Anyways, back to my post! Today's Sunday's Best is kind of fueled by the love of the story in If I Stay. (Spoiler Alert!) I love how much music and love is connected and then the connection between Mia and Adam.
It reminds me of my days of being 14 years old and madly in love with this guy who was 4 years older and who played the guitar, piano, drums, you name it he can probably play it. I was that girl crushing on that guy who just made you froze when he passed by or when you can't sleep because you can image his eyes when he plays the guitar or the little cute faces he makes.

Lyrics from the soundtrack of If I Stay
Song: Heart Like Yours

"Breathe deep, breathe clear
Know that I'm here
Know that I'm here

Stay strong, stay gold
You don't have to fear
You don't have to fear

I'll see you soon
I'll see you soon.."

 Thought this photo was cool, funny... that face tho. 

Boots, Sam&Libby Target
Crop Top, Forever21
Skirt, Peter Pilotto for Target
Beanie, H&M
Watch, BCBG

November 10, 2014

FashionMondays: If I could go back in time.

Hello Beautiful,

I've been studying about the Edwardian era and it's fashion in my latest assignments for school. I just fell in love with everything. If I could go back in time, this is the era I'd love to experience all because of the beautiful clothing.

I love the details of the pleats, the body form of the dresses, and how gorgeous the details and fabric used in those days.  Even the little detailed accessories like the umbrella, gloves, and hair pieces are just down right STUNNING!

In the Edwardian era the Gibson Girl was created. The Gibson Girl was known for her curvaceous shape, voluminous hair and was an independence woman. If you haven't heard of the Gibson Girl, well then you're just missing out on everything. Till this day, I see women try to apply this look into their everyday wear or how they want their bodies to have the S-curve (invented by using a type of corset that angled your body in a forward lean). 

The photo below is Camille Clifford in 1906. She won a contest that was seeking for that exact girl, The Gibson Girl. 

Something this elegant makes my heart melt. 

A movie that I'm sure everyone and their moms watch that portrays this era is Titanic. 
From their Merry Widows hats... their elaborate jewel dresses.
Pastel colors were normally worn during the Edwardian era but Titanic went for a more dark tone and exotic theme in color and style.
If I could, I'd love to incorporate the Edwardian era into my future wedding dress.
I found a few that I absolutely love! 

November 8, 2014

My Top 5 Robes all under $100!!

Hello Beautiful,

I couldn't sleep and since I'm all snugged in one of my favorite robes I thought I share my TOP 5 picks of favorite robes that are all under $100. Christmas ideas maybe??!!

Here are my top 5 picks. Click the photo if you'd want to cozy up in them too!

Asos $56.85

 Bloomingdales, Flora Nikrooz $88.00

 Topshop $64.00

Victoria Secret $59.50


 What I have on...
Target $15.38

November 5, 2014

WishList Wednesday: Tattoos!

Hello Beautiful,

Trendy gold and silver insta tattoos are definitly a hit this fall.
I love how the gold and silver stands out and gives a type of bohemian, chic style to your overall look.

Spice your appearance with this feather insta tattoos!

Click the Photo to BUY
Shop at for more insta tattoos.

Here's an example of how it looks on:

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