November 10, 2014

FashionMondays: If I could go back in time.

Hello Beautiful,

I've been studying about the Edwardian era and it's fashion in my latest assignments for school. I just fell in love with everything. If I could go back in time, this is the era I'd love to experience all because of the beautiful clothing.

I love the details of the pleats, the body form of the dresses, and how gorgeous the details and fabric used in those days.  Even the little detailed accessories like the umbrella, gloves, and hair pieces are just down right STUNNING!

In the Edwardian era the Gibson Girl was created. The Gibson Girl was known for her curvaceous shape, voluminous hair and was an independence woman. If you haven't heard of the Gibson Girl, well then you're just missing out on everything. Till this day, I see women try to apply this look into their everyday wear or how they want their bodies to have the S-curve (invented by using a type of corset that angled your body in a forward lean). 

The photo below is Camille Clifford in 1906. She won a contest that was seeking for that exact girl, The Gibson Girl. 

Something this elegant makes my heart melt. 

A movie that I'm sure everyone and their moms watch that portrays this era is Titanic. 
From their Merry Widows hats... their elaborate jewel dresses.
Pastel colors were normally worn during the Edwardian era but Titanic went for a more dark tone and exotic theme in color and style.
If I could, I'd love to incorporate the Edwardian era into my future wedding dress.
I found a few that I absolutely love! 

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