March 14, 2014


Today is year 27. 
I was asked, like any other birthday, "How do you feel?"
I don't feel anything, like most birthdays as you get older. 
I do know that I'm 3 years away from being 30. 
I find that refreshing and exciting all at once. 
This is life, to grow older, learn continuously, and enjoy life to the fullest. 
I've definitely been learning a lot more about myself and I can actually say, 
I am much more content and happy at this point of time. 

March has some awesome people to celebrate thats for sure. 
For all of you out there that is celebrating your birthday in the month of March, YOU ROCK and I hope you're having an amazing birthday! 

•Snapback BoyLondon •Shades RayBan
•Dress BCBG Max Azria •Boots Jeffrey Campbell
•Sling purse Tommy Hilfiger

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