March 24, 2014

"Boyfriend" Shirt

"Boyfriend" shirt video posted, visit JMwalkincloset on Youtube.

See outfit details below.

Lounging around the house. 
Pair your "boyfriend" shirt with a denim on denim ensemble. 
An easy to go outfit when you're on the go.

Don't be afraid to double pair those "boyfriend" shirts. 
The top shirt I made into a crop "boyfriend" shirt and then wrapped another around my waist. 
Best on school days.

"boyfriend" shirts can be used with a flirty dress like this one I'm wearing. It's casual and a bit sexy at the same time. Pair your "boyfriend" shirt with a flirty dress when meeting someone for a coffee date. 

I call this look my superman look. I cut just the first to give my "boyfriend" shirt more of an edge to my ensemble. 
You can wear this to a concert, art show, out to dinner, or shopping. Wear it any where you'd want to show it off. It's a bold and edgy look.

Black on black ensemble goes great with a "boyfriend" shirt. Make it the statement piece to your ensemble. 
Take this look out to dinner with some friends. 

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DMulheres said...

Loved all the looks.

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