May 29, 2014

On a personal note Chapter 1

Hey Guys,

I recently opened up a bit more on my Youtube Ch JMwalkincloset about dealing with Seizures/Movement disorder and Anxiety.

I found the courage to share because I know if someone out there is dealing with the same thing I don't want them to feel alone, scared or afraid of life. It's very easy to get overwhelmed and scared about health problems.

The biggest thing that has helped me is my faith in God and praying whenever, I literally mean WHENEVER I am scared, questioning things, happy, sad, thankful, etc. I love to pray because it gives me a certain kind of peace and trust.

Here is my video about what i've been going through and how i've been coping.

Please comment below or on my video if you've experience the same thing or if you can just relate in any way. Also, I would love it if you can subscribe to my channel because I have so much more in store, it's going to be amazing and I want to take you on this journey!

Love you guys. Thank you for the support and love.

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