June 18, 2014

a New Beginning!

Hey Guys!

So, June 16th was the start of something new for me. I'm currently in a place where I am reinventing, reopening, understanding, and loving life to the fullest. I can't express enough how much I feel right now. I'm just feeling good inside and out.

Don't get me wrong, I still have moments of anxiety, doubts, and loads of insecurities. Who doesn't? But I feel now that I am on the path that God has always planned for me. It's now changing the "SHOULD I do this?!?" to "How am I going to do this!" It's that PIVOT POINT we all need.

I want to invite you on this journey because I also realized that this journey is not just for me and I'm not the only one that can feel this way. Whatever I experience I want to share with you and become more connected because I know that I can't just do things on my own. This is all about finding my YOU, your YOU and being that person to the fullest.

The first step I took in this new beginning is a vision board. Heard of it? Done one? I may be speaking to highly right now but I feel like I'm already being the ME I've been searching for just by putting this vision board together. I am a very visual person and this vision board makes me feel like I'm creating that person I know I can be. It's a step and each one counts.

I'll be posting a video on my Youtube channel soon on how I started my vision board, thoughts/questions I had to help me create it and I'll also explain what I have on my vision board.

I'm excited and I hope you feel that way too! Because I'm also doing this for YOU!

Got question, don't fear on asking. Ask AWAY. I may not always have the answer but I will answer you honestly. I am not be a professional or may have complete knowledge of what is asked but I will, 100%, be there for you to get the answers you need (may not want but NEED).

Thanks Guys,
Joi Marie

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