November 3, 2014

FashionMondays: Dedicated to my Minnie

Hello Beautiful,

I wanted to dedicate today's Fashion Monday to my Minnie. I am definitely one lucky mama to have such a goofy, talented, loving, happy little girl. God sure loves me!

I wanted to share our Halloween costumes since she's at the age where I have to slowly step back and allow her to be who she wants to be. If I could, I'd find every character duo there is so that we can be costume buddies. But she's already telling me, "No ma, I want to be by myself" ... Tear!

Kadence, I love you with all my heart. Thank you for always making me laugh, smile, and enjoy life the way God intended it to be. You are the best thing in my life! I have to thank God everyday because you're just an awesome kid! I hope you enjoy the little and big things I do with and for you.

To my Minnie <3 p="">

2007 - Patrick and SpongeBob
2014 - Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse

I love you forever and ever babe.

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