June 25, 2014

I took the stairs today!

Hey guys!

So, I wanted to share something pretty (personally) awesome! What I mean about personally is that it's really just a personal accomplishment and I feel proud of myself. I "took the stairs" (referring to the Take The Stairs book by Rory Vaden) today for my first day of work.

I decided to get a small part-time job to make extra to save for a car and just to build a savings. I want more of my time to be focused on motherhood and school.

"Took the stairs" is referring to walking to work. It may not be a lot to some and it may be a huge deal to others but for me it was a big accomplishment. The reason why I'm so proud of myself is because it's not an easy decision to make. I've had the luxury of having a car every time I had a job and never had to worry about walking to work. Since I've made the decision to move to Texas I had to let go of the car in order to help us financially to move and I didn't have the money to ship it (which I wish I did now). But even that reason of having to sell it feels like there was a bigger reason for it to happen this way.

I've recently learned that a lot of big time successful people actually did the things they didn't really want to do but always knew that doing that will get them to where they want to be. Make sense?
I truly don't want to walk to work! It's HOTT here in Texas and it's SUMMER TIME! The walk isn't so bad but it takes me about 30mins to walk to work and 30mins to walk back home. I could complain over and over about it but I realized that its such a great workout to and from work. This will get me in shape which will benefit my health (DOUBLE awesome-ness)!

When I'm on my walk I have time to make a call to a friend to say hello, pray and spend time with God (giving thanks to all that I have and asking for strength for what is to come), listen to music (my favorite past time), and just enjoy nature.

I'm pretty stoked that I even got this job around the time I decided to make some challenging but positive decisions that I know will take me to where I want to be. So much will be benefited from that hard decisions to Take The Stairs!

Food for thought: When faced with a challenging decision to do something you may not want to do but you know it can positively help you in the long run, tell yourself to TAKE THE STAIRS over and over. I promise you'll get strength from that and will be pleased once you accomplished it.


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