July 10, 2014

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Hey Guys, 

So it's been quite some time!! Lately, I've been getting a hang of my small part time job and loving it. Doing something I've never gone before so it's much more interesting. More details on that another time. 

Today was a pretty HOT day. I had my 30 min walk in the morning on my way to work and then another 30 min walk around 2pm back home and by then it was HOOOOOTTTTT, 92 degrees hot.  I truthfully wanted to get a ride and I tried asking a friend but she wasn't near by so that was my answer to "take the stairs" and enjoy that extra work out. Let me just say, I feel great. Sore but healthier, stronger and great that I took that extra 30 min walk in the sun. I may not like my weird tan line on my legs (due to wearing shorts) but I'm loving the pain I feel on my calves and bum! Getting in shape is HAPPENING people!

Also, I haven't been filming for quite some time because I wanted to financially get myself together. I wanted to make sure I'm saving, putting aside for school, for my daughter's needs, a car, and any emergency before spending on my videos. I think it's a smart move and though I wish I can be just doing my Youtube videos and blogging, right now I need to focus on the steps to getting there. No shame and just trying to live humbly. 

Let me clarify, you don't need MONEY to make youtube videos. You also don't need the best of the best. Sometimes, that small little camera you have with your grand ideas for videos will work out great. 
But because I have some fashion ideas that need some financial help, I thought that I should square away the important things first before jumping in and investing in which I like to call my Fashion Journey.  

Thought I blog that because it's been some time and I don't want to lose my blogging touch :P 

xoxo JM

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